Catherine’s Music Potential Experience

Find out how Music Potential helped Catherine land a gig at the 02 Ritz, Manchester!

We’ve been working with young people across the UK to unleash their potential and develop their talent. We’ll be highlighting some of the successful journeys of our Music Potential graduates. Here’s Catherine’s Music Potential experience…

Before MPX

I started off DJing years ago at house parties and local events. I felt like I wasn’t progressing, so I managed to get into radio presenting and focused on that. I started to get into radio production, artists interviews and generally developing my on-air skills. This is something I still do now.

During MPX

I actually came across Music Potential online and thought it’d be a good opportunity. I feel like the biggest thing I gained was increasing my confidence. Before Music Potential, I didn’t feel like the DJing was going to work but since then, with the mentor-support I’ve received, I feel I can take my DJing further. Networking was also a major skill because now I know how to approach the right people and keep in contact with them – even meeting Raye was really cool; she was really friendly and down to earth, so you never know what’ll happen.

After MPX

I was a DJ at a ‘Dancehall vs. Soca’ music event (representing team ‘Dancehall’) at the 02 Ritz in Manchester. It was amazing! Apart from KOKO’s, the Dancehall vs. Soca event was probably the biggest event I’ve played. I’ve also been focusing on my online presence. I want to start uploading mixes to build a fanbase which I’m currently in the process of doing.

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