4 Reasons why January is a great time to job hunt

Is January the best time to start your job search? We’ve had a look into that for you!

You’re ready for a fresh start and want to put those New Years Resolutions into action. But you might be thinking “Isn’t everyone looking for a new job now???”

We’ve put on our detective hat (you know… the deer hunter hat that Sherlock Holmes has) and uncovered four reasons why January is a great time to get job hunting!


1. New Budgets

It’s a fresh start for companies which means new budgets. Companies will see what cash they have available for the new year and what they can spend on staffing. This often results in new roles popping up across the creative industries. However, some companies’ budgets might have a different time of year when they refresh their budgets, so you should keep an eye out for jobs all through the first quarter of the year!

2. New Year, New Me

Everyone feels a lot more motivated in January. Most people have set themselves goals or New Year’s Resolutions so they are feeling more optimistic than before and are ready for fresh start. This means that you are more likely to give your job applications more gusto, which will obviously mean a greater chance of actually bagging a new role.

3. Holidays are over

Don’t forget… the people who could be your potential new boss were off over Christmas too. Once they have switched off ‘Holiday Mode’ and have waded through the backlog of work, they are ready to look at new recruits and job applications.

4. Everyone else is looking for a job too

A lot of people might think that as more people are looking for a new role in January, that means more competition… but that’s not necessarily true! That “competition” might be leaving your dream job or a job that will help you get there!

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