5 Things We’ve Learnt About Music Festivals This Year!

With coloured wristbands and flower hairpieces flying about, it could only mean one thing; it’s the festival season!

So, we’ve made it into the British summer, the sun’s out (sometimes!) and there is a cool, live music vibe sweeping the nation. With coloured wristbands and flower hairpieces flying about, it could only mean one thing; it’s the festival season!

Our team at Big Music have been hitting the scene pretty hard, with a few of us flying to Belfast for the AVA Festival, and one sneaking to Glasto for 4 days (lucky girl!). Here are the top 5 things we’ve learnt about music festivals this year:

1. Festivals are a great place to actually get to ‘talk’ to people!

Music festivals are a great place to get to know new people and share memorable moments with your mates! It’s rare to have a couple days with nothing else in mind but to chill and party with your favourites!

2. Festivals can be a great place to learn new things

It’s not every day that you’re on a 900-acre field, with thousands of revellers from around the world, listening to up-and-coming bands as well as some of the world’s biggest musicians! You’ll learn a thing or two in this sort of environment! But also in AVA Festival, they held keynote speeches that were a really useful way of updating aspiring musicians on the nature of the industry.

3. Festivals are surprisingly a good place to network as a musician

If you’re attending music festivals for networking purposes, you’re a genius! Festivals are an especially great place to network with up-and-coming artists and music experts. During AVA Festival’s industry market hall, some of our team from Big Music managed to connect with training providers, music equipment designers and music technology training centres.

4. The amount of project management that goes into a well-run festival is CRAZY!

Being the glue which holds festivals like AVA, Hideout & Glastonbury together is a major responsibility. From the merchandise to the different areas of the festival performance space. AVA Festival was a visual and music festival, so there was some really attractive imagery around the venue. Can you imagine someone planned every little bit of that!? If you feel capable of taking on such a role, events management could be a potential career move for you!

5. You have the most fun when you are open minded!

Be open to any & everything and you’ll get the most out of a festival! Well…within reason.

If you are passionate about events management and can see yourself working at a festival next year, better have a read of James’ experience working at LeeFest Festival or even Nuala’s experience working with AVA. If you feel even more adventurous and think you can create your own festival, check out our chat with the co-founders of ERIC Festival.