5 things we learnt from NME #LifeHacks

We popped along to NME’s #LifeHacks event and learned some pretty important lessons!

#LifeHacks is a careers event by NME and Create Jobs aimed to inspire young people looking a career in the creative industry with workshops, networking and amazing guest speakers.

We were lucky enough to nab a pair of tickets before they sold out and we popped down to the event! Here are the 5 most important lessons we learnt on the day.


Do your Research!

Research, research, research! We know it can be boring but doing your research (that’s not just one wiki search) is a really important lesson learnt at NME #LifeHacks.

SBTV Founder, Jamal Edward explained how he “always researched the businesses or people he admired like Richard Branson and what steps they took to success”.

“Don’t just sit there and expect any opportunities to come” – Jamal Edwards

Topman Creative Director, Gordon Richardson spoke about the need to “Research into your field and find out who the influencers are and show them why you are worth it!”

What are you waiting for? Do some research!

Social Media is Important!

We all love a bit of Social Media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, but are you using it to your advantage and not to just post pictures of your cat? One of the best ways to promote your brand and for employers to find you is through social media.

During the ‘Build Brand YOU’ workshop, Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Davies explained how “If you are non-existent on social media, then you don’t really care enough about your career”

Creative Director, Alex Stedman added that “Just being good on Instagram isn’t the end. You need to understand the business side of social media too!”.

It’s always good to show your personality but taking your brand seriously on social media will separate you from the rest, when looking for a career.

Stay Dedicated!

Rejection will always happen in the creative industry but it’s how you bounce back that matters! It is really important to stay dedicated and keep pushing until you reach your goals!

Paul Davies explained how “Getting started is the hardest thing to do, but understand what you want to be known for” was his advice for staying dedicated. It’s pretty simple, if you don’t push yourself, no one else is going to.

Jamal Edwards spoke about how “there was so many closed doors at the beginning which was my inspiration to keep going and when I started to hit certain milestones with SBTV, that’s when I realised people were taking it serious.”

So stay strong and keep pushing!

Find Internships and Work Experience!

We all want to get paid to do what we love but you need to know when you are ready to be paid! Applying for internships, apprenticeships and work experiences is a great way to get your foot in the door!

Creative Director of The Frugality, Alex Stedman spoke about doing unpaid work being common in the creative industries – “You have to go through a stage of doing a lot of unpaid work but in the end, the time will come where you earn money from your passion” she explained.

Iris Worldwide’s Social Director, Hannah Beesley went on to say “Passion is important but are you employable? You need to know what you can bring to a business and the best way to do that is by interning”.

If you’re unsure how to get your foot in the door and land that first placement, we have you covered.

Creative Director of Topman, Gordon Richardson finished off with “internships and apprenticeships give you more space to make mistakes and learn from them rather than in a job, you will be under pressure straight away”

Network, Network and Network!

Where do the influencers in your field hang out? What are they talking about? Do you follow them on LinkedIN? Networking doesn’t mean stalking people but it does mean being pro-active and out there!

Hannah Beesley explained how “People are busy, no one is going to come and find you so you need to be out there already!”

SBTV Founder, Jamal explained how he thinks ‘Networking is especially important if you don’t go university, I wish there was events like NME Life Hacks when I was growing up’

Luckily for you, there are plenty of networking events across the country so take opportunities when they come, get out there and make connections! Check out our list of great creative industry events here and if there isn’t one in your area, why not create one!?!