6 tips for people who want to work in events – Joey, Head of Events at Global

Behind some of your favourite events; from festivals to parties and concerts, there’s a team of people making sure it’s a success and memorable for all the right reasons…

Behind some of your favourite events; from festivals to parties and concerts, there’s a team of people making sure it’s a success and memorable for all the right reasons.

An event manager works with this team to oversee everything going on; Joey Addai does just this at Global – home to some of the UK’s most loved radio brands including Capital, Heart and Classic FM, and as such the force behind events such as Capital’s Summertime Ball, Classic FM Live and (new to 2018) The Global Awards.

Dua Lipa at the Jingle Bell Ball 2017

Managing large scale events isn’t for everyone, but if you’re organised, good at working with different people and can problem solve on the spot, it might be the career path for you.

Read on to find out 6 tips we learnt from Joey Addai, Head of Events at Global, for working in the events industry.

  1. Make yourself available for everything

When you’re first starting out in events, the best way to learn is gain as much experience as possible. Once you start getting experience, and if you do a good job, you will be seen and remembered by the wider team. It’s tempting to only work at events which interest you, but look at the bigger picture as you never know who you might meet at an out-of-the-ordinary event and the skills you’ll develop will transfer across all types of events.

  1. When thinking about managing events, you need to project manage

Rather than seeing the event as a festival/show/award show etc, you need to take a step back and see it as a project. Project management means to plan, execute and evaluate – usually managing the workload ofyourself and sometimes a wider team to make the project a success. So whether you’re managing a festival or a formal conference, be sure to map out and plan exactly what needs to be done and when, and how you can improve it for next time.

  1. Always see the event as an experience

Think about the people who will be at the event and also the people that are working it. What will their experience be from start to finish and how can you make it the best possible. Plan everything possible to keep your attendees and working staff happy and make the event memorable.

Myleene Klass on the Global Awards 2018 blue carpet

  1. Ask yourself ‘what do we need to do to make it happen?’

Things go wrong, it’s almost inevitable when working on events, but it’s what you do to solve the problem which is important, How best did you prepare for this?  Joey always mentions to the team ‘what do we need to do to make it happen?’ – which sometimes means going over an above to ensure you deliver the best experience. At the first Global Awards this year, Joey turned up to where the red carpet was due to be laid before the show and there was thick snow. Instead of waiting around for someone else to sort it out, Joey and his colleagues picked up the shovels and cleared the front of the venue. Getting stuck in is sometimes part of the job, and problem solving isn’t always easy work to make things happen!

  1. If an event is going well, as a guest you shouldn’t notice what the event team are doing

When working behind the scenes, you need to be invisible to guests at the event. This obviously isn’t the case for all event staff (front of house, presenters etc), but an event manager needs to be able to make sure everything is running smoothly so it looks seamless for our guests. If problems arise that need to be solved these should never be visible or noticeable to the guests.

  1. Whatever the situation, the show has to go on

Come rain, shine, cancelled performers, staff not turning up and anything else that may go wrong, you need to do your best to calmly work out solutions to ensure the event goes ahead as best possible. In extreme circumstances this may not be the case, but the art of event management is to plan for worst case scenarios, so you know how to solve them if they arise.

Little Mix perform at the Summertime Ball 2017

Interested in a career in events? Watch Joey’s interview with us here and check out our jobs board for any roles that might be relevant to you!