7 Record Labels Based in Wales That You Should Know!

Based in Wales and wondering whether there are any record labels about? Aren’t you in luck, here are seven!

7 Record Labels Based in Wales That You Should Know

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Wales has a rich music history with artists like Sir Tom Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Charlotte Church, Duffy and many more hailing from small Welsh villages. While the country undoubtedly has a lot of musical talent, can you believe there is not one major record label based in the country?

Fear not if you are a budding Welsh musician as there are loads of indie record labels based in Wales that work hard to help to nurture home-grown talent.

Big Music sent one of our freelance journalists, Laura to investigate further. Here’s what she found out:

1: Sain

Sain was founded in Cardiff back in the early sixties by Huw Jones, Dafydd Iwan, and Brian Morgan Edwards. They released their first record in October 1969. After a few years, the company became a major indie success and was moved from Cardiff to the village of Llandwrog in the Caernarfon area.

Home to a few Welsh acts, Sain is one of the leading forces in the Welsh indie scene. While the label has a mix of artists on their books, they mainly focus on Welsh Choirs.

2: Mighty Atom Records

Mighty Atom Records was founded in the year 2000 by Dave Simpson and Roger Hopkins with hopes of growing a truly independent record label based in South Wales. Their artist representation is varied and includes bands such as Funeral For A Friend, 3 Colours Red, and Liberty 37. With these rising stars on the repertoire, their hopes for the label have certainly come true!

Mighty Atom is at the forefront of the UK emo scene and looks set to only get bigger!

3: Rhondda Records

Rhondda Records is a small indie label based in Ferndale. The label was launched back in 2003 and is still going strong. The label has so far been involved in more than 59, 200 sound recordings and music publishing activities. They play a heavy hand in the folk scene and are keen to keep this genre alive.

4: Golden Boy Records

Golden Boy Records are undoubtedly a leading force in the Welsh music scene. Their bespoke recording space in Cardiff offers young Welsh musicians the chance to nurture and explore their talent in a supportive atmosphere.

They are home to a mix of artists including DJ’s and producers and are constantly signing new acts on a regular basis. Golden Boy Records are an exciting outfit! Be sure to check them out.

5: Bubblewrap Collective

Bubblewrap Collective is based in the heart of Cardiff. Despite only launching in 2009, the collective has become a force in the Welsh music scene. They are already home to a number of artists including Little Arrow, Cotton Wolf, and Little My. They are always looking to offer experiences that artists and fans alike will love.

6: Shape Records

Shape Records are a very exciting outfit based in the hills of Mid Wales. Not only are they a record label helping to nurture Welsh talent, they are also an accomplished publishing company who regularly host live events. They are home to some exciting up and coming acts including Farm Hand, Wakes, and Islet.

7: Grooveland Records

Grooveland Records are a label based in Cardiff who focuses on dance and house music. Along with running a successful label, they also help to promote their artists through their reputable production and artist developments agency. Did we mention…they are Cardiff’s number 1 specialist dance and house record label?

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