9 accounts to follow to help you start a Creative Career

Making real life connections is so important if you want to pursue a career in the creative industries, but as we all know, social media is invaluable too. We’ve put together a list of 9 useful social media accounts to follow if you’re following a creative path.

So log into your accounts and give these a follow!

  1. Girls I Rate

Girls I rate champions women to work together. Through their events, training and social media, they’re breaking down stereotypes in the creative industry.

  1. Design Museum

The Design Museum is one of the world’s leading museums devoted to contemporary design in every form from architecture and fashion to graphics, product and industrial design.

  1. Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is a hub of inspiration where artists and emerging talent create extraordinary work and where young people can grow creatively as individuals.

  1. Livity

Livity are a youth-led creative network. Get in contact with them if you have a wicked idea to share. Plus, check out their website, it’s a creative, visual dream!

  1. Buffer

Buffer are a social media management platform used by millions worldwide. If you’re thinking about a career in social media or digital marketing, it’s worth checking out their posts for a glimpse of what goes into working in social media.

  1. gal-dem

Gal-dem is an award-winning magazine written by women of colour and non-binary people of colour for all to explore. They publish work on music, food, events, politics and more, so if you’re a budding writer, go ahead and submit some of your work.

  1. One Minute Briefs

This is an interesting one, especially for freelancers – One Minute Briefs promote brands and causes for their community on Twitter to respond to. The best ideas are shared, which generates a buzz online. This is invaluable advertising content for the brand and acts as a platform for the content creator.

  1. Future Girl Corp

Future Girl Corp are your go-to if you want to build your brand or start your own business. They showcase the best opportunities for future business owners and give snippets of advice that are truly empowering.

  1. Bumblebizz


Bumble used to just be a dating app, but they’ve recently branched out to connecting more than just potential love interests. They inspire you to ‘be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry’. Check out their Instagram page for upcoming events, tips on networking, interviews with young professionals and more.


So there we have it, some great organisations using social media to make it easier for you to get that all important foot in the door. Companies aside, there are some fun and engaging individuals who are worth following to give a little insight into your chosen industry, or to maybe provide some motivation and inspiration…

Liv Little

Liv is the millennial queen of all things creative. Not only did she start up gal-dem magazine, but she writes, curates, produces and models. Liv also posts great opportunities for young people to get involved in the creative industries.

Nomad Barber

This travelling barber is also a photographer, videographer and filmmaker. Click ‘follow’ for an instant urge for a fresh trim and a trip to a new country. His career path reminds us that you can combine your passions to create a unique job for yourself.


She was so quick to copy Beyoncé’s moves after her epic Coachella show, that her channel quickly went viral. She’s even appeared on The Ellen Show as a result!

Linda Bloomfield

As a Creative Programmes Manager, Linda understands the importance of seeking out those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. She finds the best opportunities for creatives all over the UK and lists them in a thread each Tuesday.

Nas Daily

Nas travels the world and documents his journey! His insight into different people and places has gained him attention on Facebook. Check out his daily videos, you might learn a thing or two whilst you’re at it!

Otegha Uwagba

Otegha is a writer who regularly posts great opportunities for new and established writers. She even founded Women Who, a community for creative working women.

The Word Baker

Alihanan is a Creative Director who founded Creative Equals, a website shaping a diverse creative industry by delivering training, supporting those with financial difficulties and helping creative get back into work.

Jordan Bunker

Jordan started his fashion blog whilst he was still at university. It’s now grown into a full-time business and he encourages a two conversation and space for sharing inspiration with his followers. If you’re into fashion and looking for a little bit of fresh inspiration, Jordan is the guy you need to follow.


We hope you find some of these accounts useful to follow! Check out our article on The Power of Social Media if you want to make the best use of the amazing platform.