9 Top Tips on Getting Publicity For Bands or Gigs

We spoke with music expert, Damian Keyes to find out his 9 top tips on getting publicity for bands or gigs. Here’s what he had to say!

Being a musician means having multiple heads on one shoulder. You need to be talented, smart but also business savvy! One of the trickiest things performers face today is promoting themselves or their gigs.

Big Music spoke with expert, Damian Keyes who founded the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and DK Management to find out the 9 top tips he has in getting publicity for your band or gig. Check it out!

Awesome advice. Thanks Damian! Get more tips from Damien by following him on Youtube and Facebook. Don’t want to stop learning about music publicity just yet? Be sure to check out our tips on how to organise a successful career’s fair from the team behind ERIC Festival.

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