A Big Thank You from Big Music – Programme Closed

We want to thank everybody who has made The Big Music Project amazing

The Big Music Project has come to an end and as of the 31st July 2018, we will no longer be running.

Although we will no longer be updating our website or social media accounts, we’ve compiled the most useful Resources to Kick-start your Creative Career – which is free to download.

We want to thank everybody who has made the project what it is. You work and support has inspired thousands of young people across the UK.

Thank you to The Big Lottery Fund, Youth Scotland, Youth Cymru, Rathbone Training, Myplace Networks, Youth Action Northern Ireland, all Music Potential Delivery Partners. Thank you to all the industry professionals who we’ve worked with, companies who have been involved and donated their time, along with The Big Music Project & Music Potential Mentors and work placement providers. Thank you to Music Potential Collective members and ambassadors, Big Music Hubs, all staff members and lastly, every young person who has brought their passion and enthusiasm to make The Big Music Project what it is.

From everyone at The Big Music Project, Thank You.