A Day In The Life Of A: Digital Content & Communications Intern

The Big Music Project has part-funded several music industry internships and we’re aiming to inspire and create incredible opportunities for young people from across the country who want to get into the music business. We’re sitting down with each of our interns one by one to find out how they’re getting on! Here’s what Emma has been up to during her Digital Content and Communication Internships at BPI in London. 

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What’s the first thing you do when you get into the office?

“Usually I look at my emails and TweetDeck to see what’s happening in the music industry. Then I’ll make a checklist of what I need to do that day.”

Talk us through your day-to-day tasks.

“My job is divided into two roles: The Communications side is maintaining and developing BPI’s social media presence. The other half is creating Digital Content, so I make videos, graphic designs, adverts and photographs for the BPI.”

What’s your favourite thing you do each day?

“I look forwards to the more creative aspects of my job, this could be anything from picture research to designing infographics. One of my favourite things to do each week is the BPI Awards, which happens every Friday, where I get to announce exclusive news to musicians and music fans on Twitter.”

Tell us about a project you’re currently working on. What do you like/what don’t you like about it?

“So BPI is hosting an AGM in September. I’ve been filming interviews with industry figures to be played at the event. This week I’ll be creating a logo animation and editing the interviews. I like how creative I can be and that I get to have a finished piece. I also like the responsibility that comes with this work and the opportunity to meet people I wouldn’t have met had it not been for the project. The only thing I dislike about the project is that for each interview I have to set up a mini studio with lights and a backdrop. This ends up taking a long time and it’s a lot of heavy lifting!”

What kind of challenges do you face day-to-day?

“My biggest challenge was growing our social media following but I’ve come to grips with what works and we’ve been getting closer to our goal.”

What have you learnt about the world of work?

“I’ve discovered that having a positive attitude and a sense of humour helps a lot at work.”

Have there been any surprises in your placement so far?

“The first week was a bit of a surprise, before I had even started working I went The Big Music Project Competition and on my third day I was at the BRIT awards!”

What advice would you give to other people looking to apply for internships?

“Look after your wellbeing and develop your skillset independently. Job hunting can get you down, it’s important to look after yourself and do something every day that cheers you up.”

What do you want to do next?

“I would love to continue my design and video work, whether that’s as an in-house designer for a company like the BPI/record label or as part of a Creative/Production agency.”

In an ideal world, where will you be in five years time? 

“In five years time, I’d like to be part of an editorial or creative team. This internship has given me confidence that I am skilled enough to work as part of a group.”