How To: Become An Account Assistant For Warner

When it comes to working for a massive record label, there’s a LOT of jobs that most people don’t understand… or weren’t even sure existed.

And that definitely goes for a Senior Account Assistant, which happens to be the role of Warner music employee Rupak Kler. Here, she gives us the goss on what exactly her job entails, and the skills YOU need to get to where she is.

What does a Senior Account Assistant do?

“I work with the marketing side of the label, so I talk to them, I liaise with the label on a day to day basis about how they are spending within a certain project.

“[I’ll] initially set out a budget for an artist, and from that we’ll move forward and forecast on a regular basis to make sure we’re in line and hitting our goals.”

What are the skills you need to do your job?

1. Great communication skills – “You need to be able to talk about finance to non-financial people and get it across to everyone.”

2. Use your initiative – “You have to be able to make decisions.”

3. Have a financial background – “You need to be able to understand the Excels,the systems, the programs and some of the technical language.”

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