How To: Become a Music Journalist

How To: Become a Music Journalist

With the music industry evolving to be more diverse than ever before, the role of a music journalist has become crucial in showcasing talent from far and wide. Journalists can be the reason for a musicians’ success (or failure!). Not to mention, music journalists have the pleasure of being in the presence of stardom more often than the common man!

We have picked out 3 quick tips for getting yourself that little bit closer to being a music journalist:

Understand the industry

Music journalists are very much ‘in the know’. They are aware of the latest albums, EP’s and singles. Being a music journalist means you need to be an expert in the latest hits.

Get that content created and generate a following

Having a portfolio in journalism is important. In an era of social media, the best way of sharing your musical knowledge with the right people is by putting it into content pieces and building a social media following.

Reach out to media outlets and music management

Great, so you are getting your name out there and building a reputation as a ‘music head’. Approach media outlets for work as a journalist or go freestyle and approach music management for interviews with the stars direct.

Being a music journalist is a lot of work and sometimes very long hours. Indeed, it is not always glamorous, but your hard work will pay off when you are sitting with Queen Bey discussing her latest ‘Beyonceness!’ – Good luck!

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