How To: Become A Senior Audio Producer

Find out about the day to day role of a Senior Audio Producer at Capital.

Ever wondered who is behind the sounds that you hear on Capital?

We spoke to Ashley Bard, Senior Audio Producer at Capital. Ashley gave us the lowdown on what his job entails and some top tips on how to make it as a Audio Producer.

What does a Senior Audio Producer do?

“We run the imaging team of 5 producers and we are the people who make all the audio for the Radio station. The sweepers that you hear between the songs that say ‘CAPITAL’, the top and beds that the presenters talk over, the promo’s that make you want to listen to win a prize for a competition. We do that for the station and also for the commercial prizes.”

What are the three most important skills needed to do your job?

  • Digital Audio skills
  • Good Team Player
  • Scriptwriting

Top tip for making it in the industry?

“Even if you’ve got qualifications, make sure you have hands on experience. It’s really important that when people come to us, that they actually know what the job is. A lot of people come and say I’ve got a degree in Radio Production but actually do you know how to make production? Do you know how to use pro-tools? Do you know how to use Adobe Audition? So, the best thing for that is to go to your local community station and get some experience.”

Since our interview with Ashley, he has been promoted to Head of Production at Capital! Congrats Ashley!

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