Big Music Champion’s Day- Time Capsule!

We put our Champions up on a little challenge…. Here’s what went down!

The Big Music Champions are our undercover heroes! Travelling up and down the country championing everything Big Music related.

This year, we put our Champions up on a little challenge. The task was to imagine we had a ‘Big Music Time Capsule’, you’re allowed to pick one item to place in the capsule forever, what would it be and why? Hmmm… Here’s what they had to say!


No doubt a lot of interesting choices guys, but for great reasons! Thank you so much for all your amazing work so far! We look forward to hearing more of your achievements over the coming months!

If you are proudly a ‘music nerd’ like our Champions, be sure to check out our News page for hints & tips about the indusrty, interviews with leading people and loads more!

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