Big Music Meets: Kieron Pepper (The Prodigy)

Multi-instrumentalist Kieron Pepper is an award-winning artist who was one part of the record breaking electronic group, The Prodigy between 1997 and 2007…

Multi-instrumentalist Kieron Pepper is an award-winning artist who was one part of the record-breaking electronic group, The Prodigy between 1997 and 2007. Today, Kieron continues to follow his passion for music through writing and touring. He is also the head of creative output at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford. Big Music meets Kieron Pepper…

Kieron! Thanks for joining us!

Thanks for having me Big Music!

So, you have had an amazing career as a musician! What are some of your best moments?

It’s difficult to choose, I’ve been very lucky! Top three that instantly come to mind are:

  1. Playing Melbourne with Prodigy and Cool Keith joining us on stage for Diesel.
  2. Playing bass for Sleeper recently at a sold-out Forum (Kentish Town) show and meeting producer Stephen Street.
  3. Again, with Prodigy; hanging out backstage all night at a festival in Madrid while the event team had to deal with a storm-damaged stage. We eventually went on at 6 am to a frantic crowd who had waited through the night. It totally kicked off as the sun came up, with people dancing around the fires they had lit to keep warm.

That sound so cool. Such loyal fans, staying up all night for you guys! What would you say it takes for someone to be successful in the music industry?

I’d say it takes tenacity, resilience, ambition and drive… as well as of course: charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent!

Haha, the last four sound familiar! So, tell us a bit more about your life on the road with The Prodigy? How did you get such an opportunity?

Haha! I met the band in 1997 as some of us lived in the same village and knew each other through a producer. Liam Howlett was looking for a drummer to
 enhance the live shows (we had met that
 summer while he was completing The Fat of The Land album), so he called me up whilst on tour to book a meeting, he flew over from Germany and met me in a studio – I had prepared three tracks to perform for him and luckily, he liked my vibe and how I represented the energy of the tracks so decided to take me on.

It was a life-changing moment and took me on an amazing journey for ten years, opening doors to future work and experiences.

We saw that journey, it looked incredible! What was one of the highlights of being on tour?

Seeing new countries and cultures, meeting some amazing people from all walks of life and of course the shows. An hour and a quarter of intense musical energy, ecstatic crowds and adrenaline, enveloped by the best on-stage sound in the business.

That must have been such an amazing experience for you! You now work at ACM in Guildford, what is it about mentoring new bands and artists that you love?

Developing artists at ACM is an honor. To give knowledge, connect people and be inspired by the new perspectives, ideas, and techniques that are emerging each year. I love collaborating with musicians and aspiring professionals, and helping creatives find and achieve their potential.

Well, congratulations on your success and thank you so much for your time.

Thanks, Big Music!

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