Big Music Meets – Lisa Maffia!

Multi- award-winning star, Lisa Maffia stopped by Big Music to discuss her career and Music Potential

Big Music Interviews Lisa Maffia

Lisa Maffia – the first lady of So Solid Crew needs no introduction!

With nearly 20 years in the game, this award-winning musician, fashion designer, and presenter has been at the forefront of the urban music scene.

As the only female in the record-breaking So Solid Crew, she broke glass ceilings and was pinned as a role model to aspiring female artists around the country.

18 years after dominating the charts, the first lady shows no signs of slowing down! She adds businesswoman to her list of achievements as the proud owner of Maffia Media, a production company that creates documentaries and films, and UC Bookings, a talent agency based in London.

Big Music got to sit down with Lisa to discuss her career and what to expect from her new single ‘Wha Gwarn’. There is also an exciting announcement made in the interview, so listen close:

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