Big Music Meets: Sophia Mina

UK rising star, Sophia Mina has released her track entitled ‘Turn It Up’ and is now planning to release her second EP! We caught up with her on how things are going…

Hailing from North London, Sophia Mina is an up-and-coming pop/R&B artist. Her debut single ‘Where’s Love’ reached number 10 in the Music Week Pop Chart. Now, she’s back with her second single ‘Turn It Up’ which has also reached number 10 in the Music Week Pop Charts! We sat down with Sophia to discuss her career so far.

Thanks for joining us Sophia!

Thanks for having me, Big Music.

We had a chance to listen to your track ‘Turn It Up’ and it has a great vibe! Your remixed versions are really unique. So with that being said, what was the inspiration behind these tracks?

We wanted to produce a track with a positive, feel-good party vibe. Once we created that, reaching out to a wider audience was really important so we created remixed versions of ‘Turn It Up’. The main aim was to reach out to as many people as possible.

Nice! Do you have a creative space where you go to feel inspired?

I’m actually quite traditional in the sense that the studio is the best place for me to create. Being with a producer, going through beats and writing lyrics all come quite easily in that environment. As long as the vibes are present, I can work anywhere to be honest.

That’s cool and quite different to a lot of other artists out there actually. What made you get into music?

I’ve danced, acted and sung my whole life. I went to a drama school for two years and in my final year, I started to write music. I also attended a music school which inspired me to want to become an artist. Things just literally built up from there.

Are there any artists who have inspired you?

I’m inspired by songwriters like Max Martin and Dr. Luke for sure.

It seems you’re more interested in the talent behind the scenes rather than the artists themselves.

I would agree. I do admire artists like Britney Spears and Rihanna though, because of their ability to make things their own.

That’s what makes them stand out as artists right?


So, do you write all your songs?

Yeah, I always have input in all of my songs from the lyrics to the topline. I’m very involved in the whole creative process.

That’s great to hear. What are you currently up to?

We are currently wrapping up my second EP which includes elements of pop, urban and R&B.

Oh, nice. We’re looking forward to hearing that! Do you have a name for your EP yet?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we’re considering the name of my single ‘Fly’ which is about getting rid of your inhibitions and being free in a world that often puts you in a box.

That’s a really positive message and one a lot of people can relate to.

Thank you. That’s the idea.

Now going back to your track, ‘Turn It Up’, are you looking to release a music video with it?

We haven’t released a music video yet, but we may drop one in the near future!

Well, you know we’d be the first ones to check it out!

Haha, I know! Thanks, Big Music!

How did you meet Michael, your mentor & producer?

We met randomly at the 150th Anniversary of Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace) and got talking about music. I was looking for a guitarist and producer to work with at the time, so we booked in a session and it all started from there. I guess fate wanted us to work together!

Haha, that could be true! So, as a songwriter, what artists have you worked with that we may know?

I used to work with Jess Glynne at a previous job and she helped develop my ability to stand out through my singing and writing skills. We haven’t really seen each other in a while, but I’m sure we’ll cross paths soon.

Wow, Jess Glynne!?

It was a great experience!

We can imagine! What advice would you give aspiring artists looking to break into the industry?

Be true to yourself and follow your gut instinct. Don’t let anybody tell you how to run your project. You’re the artist and you know what’s best for you. I’d also say to find a manager or mentor who respects and understands your vision.

That’s really useful advice. What’s on your current playlist right now?

Ariana Grande’s track ‘One Last Time’ is one of my favourites. Justin Bieber is amazing, I love his vocal tone. I also love the The Weeknd.

Yep, us too! What are your future plans?

I’m dropping my second EP which is the priority right now. I feel like this EP accurately represents me as an individual. We’re literally making sure that it’s perfect in time for its release.

We’re looking forward to its release too! Great to meet you!

Thanks, Big Music!

Make sure you look out for Sophia Mina’s second EP scheduled to be released in February and check out her single ‘Turn It Up’.

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