BIRD: An Organisation Every Creative Should Know!

BIRD is an amazing organization that gives young creatives the opportunity to thrive and grow.

We recently caught up with some amazing people from an organization called BIRD. If you don’t know who BIRD are, you better listen up!

BIRD stands for Brilliance, Integrity, Relationship, and Delight. They are a one-to-one mentoring programme for 16-25-year-olds and provide creatives with a safe space to explore and develop their creativity.

With free studio spaces and industry professional tutors, BIRD helps musicians, actors, creative writers, filmmakers, dancers and comedians develop and enhance their craft.

They believe that by exploring their four concepts, people have the capacity to grow in ways that will ultimately improve their well-being and quality of life. Let’s break it down a bit further:

  • Acknowledging who you are (Brilliance)
  • Being true to who you are (Integrity)
  • Sharing who you are (Relationship)
  • Valuing and sustaining who you are (Delight)

We caught up with two of BIRD’s current artists, Emma and Pearl who are both aspiring musicians. Here’s what they had to say about how BIRD has helped them:



Hi, guys, thanks for joining us! How’s it going?

Thanks for having us! It’s great to be here! Going on tour and seeing the Capital studios has been amazing!

Happy you enjoyed it! So as aspiring musicians, you both chose BIRD as a center to help develop your creativity. Why so?

Pearl: That’s right. When I left school last year, I knew I didn’t want to go to university so BIRD was a great place to go with no motive, just time and freedom to make music in the purest and honest way.

Emma: I agree, BIRD has been the first major platform that allows me to focus on music 100%. I do not need to think about the business behind the music, just on creating art for art’s sake.

So, Pearl, you are an aspiring folk musician who was born in Camden and raised in Peckham. That is a unique mix that I wouldn’t have thought would result in a folk musician! How did that come about?

Pearl: Haha, yeah. I get that a lot! Though Peckham was quite a rough and urban area growing up, it has always been a very colourful place. It has got an identity to it which is good for writing stories. There are alleyways to go down, and the vegan Rasta who is always keen to have a chat! And as you know, folk music is all about storytelling so I guess that’s the influence.

That’s super cool! Emma, I hear you are currently doing a theatre show as well as learning how to write music?

Emma: Yes, I was lucky enough to be part of an all-black cast theatre show called Eternal Ages. The show focuses on mental health in the community.


You’re right though, I am learning through BIRD how to write music. I have had a very colourful life. Though it’s only been 19 years, I have gone through a lot. BIRD is teaching me how to put my experiences into my music while still being a very private person.

So, what are your career plans? Is music what you would like to pursue?

Pearl: I am enjoying living life as a musician on a small scale, just trying to get gigs and playing as much as I can, enjoying meeting new people and collaborating. It’s quite nice. But I guess ultimately, I would love to create a career out of my passion.

Getting to know the music business and the money making behind it put me off a little. That’s why BIRD is so nice, we just focus on the love of music.


Emma: I am hoping to do musical theatre a lot more. But I am starting university and studying economics with accounting and finance. Though this is the case, music remains my first love and I will pursue it fully.

If you can put into words how BIRD has impacted your life, what would you say?

Emma: BIRD has been a platform for me to express myself in a way that I feel comfortable. It’s as simple as that. There is no pressure, just a safe space to learn more of what you love.

Pearl: There are two reasons why BIRD is so amazing:

  1. The line between your personal life and your career is very blurred when you are a musician. BIRD treads on those lines very carefully and understands that.
  2. BIRD removes the pressure of the industry and allows artists to just focus on what they love, creating art.

It has been a pleasure meeting you guys. Don’t lose sight of your passion!

Thanks, Big Music!

Listen to Pearl’s EP here and learn more about Emma here. If you are inspired and would like to know more about BIRD, be sure to check out their website.

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