How To: Build a Contact List in Music When You Have Zero!

…make sure you know what you want in order to network with people who share similar interests.

Networking can be a very useful tool if you know how to effectively get yourself out there.  We’ve assembled a few tips to help you out!

1. What Do You Want To Do?

First thing’s first, figure out what you want to do as a career. Are you trying to become an artist? DJ? audio engineer? Whatever it may be, make sure you know what you want in order to network with the right people. Once this is determined, the rest should be fairly simple!

2. Social Media

Social media is crucial in building awareness around your brand. If you do not have a single social media account, you need to create one! It is important to have more than one account because each social media platform has a purpose. For example, Instagram is used for photo and video-sharing, whereas LinkedIn is best used for business and employment networking. Some

Effectively networking through social media will require you to understand that it is all about what you can offer and how you can help others.  A perk of online networking is that you can simply send a link or attachment as proof of your work experience!

3. Getting Out There

Place yourself in environments where you can talk to people. We’re in one of the largest music capitals of the world – UK! You’re bound to find something suitable! Simply do a quick online search of local open-mic sessions, music shows or events created specifically for networking.

Approaching street performers (known as ‘buskers’) can also be a useful method of networking – who knows, you may be talking to the next Ed Sheeran or Tracy Chapman! Just remember to have your business cards and be prepared to network at all times.

4. Always Be In ‘Network-Mode’

Are you willing to put yourself into ‘network-mode’ 24/7? Sometimes, there are a few odd scenarios with how people were discovered.  Do not focus on those in positions of power, more importantly, regular people you encounter frequently. Established names are drawn to those who have a strong following. Remember, it’s all about the people, not the positions.

5. Follow Up

Once you have those contacts logged into your phone or on social media, the final and most crucial step is a follow-up. It’s one thing to network, but making sure you are remembered is entirely different, which is where following up on your initial chat comes in handy. A simple message asking to meet up or about any upcoming events are small ways to be remembered. Building a friendship with your contacts is crucial in building your social circle, as well as the likelihood of you being contacted for work opportunities.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to put these tips into action! As a result of your quality networking skills, you may be cut out to run your own music show!

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