Cameo Brooks Releases Debut Single

Music Potential alumni, Cameo Brooks is releasing his debut single! We have been given exclusive access to the track. Here’s our verdict!

Music Potential’s very own starlet, Cameo Brooks from Hull may be new to the rap game but he is breaking into the scene bigger and stronger than ever.

Supported by Warren Records and with influences from the pioneers of positive and intellectual wordplay, Cameo’s roots are firmly on the ground.

Big Music had the pleasure of having a private listen to his – yet to be released – new single, Divin’ In. Here’s our verdict!

So, just by listening to the single, you can hear that his inspiration is taken from what’s around him; the clutter, the chaos, the confusion of a world that seems to have no hope for millennials.

Yes, his lyrics are deep but within all the complexities, you hear his fight to remain optimistic.

Cameo said: “The song is about becoming more conscious in a continuously distracting society, showing people that sometimes the best way to show determination is to just dive in. The track’s message is to stick to the positive even in negative situations, stating that thinking positively will create a better frame of mind”

Cameo with Professor Green

Divin’ In is a fun debut from the young rapper, with tongue-in-cheek digs at the world he’s about to enter. It also gives a taste of what’s to come. A young man ‘Divin’ Into the chaotic and competitive world of hip-hop and rap, ready to find his place.  If this is just a taste of what’s to come, then we eagerly await the rest!

Congratulations Cameo!

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