Capital XTRA’s Music Potential 2018 Ambassadors

We get up-close and personal with one of this year’s Capital XTRA’s Music Potential 2018 ambassadors, Not3s…

‘Addison Lee’, the breakout single from Not3s is one of those immediate smash hits. Since it’s release, ‘Addison Lee’ has clocked up millions of Spotify and YouTube streams. Sitting somewhere between the genres of dancehall, rap and R&B, it caught the attention of various UK music personalities and venues including East London’s Visions nightclub. Even famed documentarian, Louis Thereoux tweeted out lyrics to the track, sealing it’s legacy as a major hit.

So how did the young artist from Hackney get to the point where his music was being played on some of the UK’s biggest radio stations?

For Not3s, it all started in primary school. He’d always written music – his mother even recalls hearing him rap and sing along with artists like DMX and Usher as a child. His initial break came however after a headteacher, having heard him singing in music class, decided to push him toward developing a career in music. Not3s studied his craft, achieving A-Levels in Music, as well as an increase in knowledge of the music business.

By this point, Not3s completely separated himself from his social circle, putting all his time into his music. As he recalls, “I would be in studio from 4pm until 8am, just stupid times. That was me making music, I had nobody, no friend, no nothing.”

‘Not3s’ has three different meanings:

  1. Monetary NOTES
  2. Musical NOTES
  3. To take NOTE of the man himself

Unsurprisingly, Not3s has released several songs since ‘Addison Lee’. The release of ‘Aladdin’ back in June presented Not3s as a vital young talent, but it is his new EP, ‘Take Not3s’, that is expected to propel him to another level.

‘Take Not3s’ represents the life experiences of Not3s and others who can relate. He raps about being a missing kid, being locked in cells and the dome like the Truman Show – an experience he defines today in helping him find himself. There is also the features list including the likes of Shakka, Tinie Tempah and Mo’Stack.

All in all, Not3s’s debut EP is the mark of something big. He established himself with ‘Addison Lee’ and it is now time for the world to ‘Take Not3s’.

We look forward to working with Not3s for Capital XTRA’s Music Potential 2018!