Capital XTRA’s Music Potential is Taking Over Manchester Carnival!

Capital XTRA’s Music Potential is ready for Manchester Carnival! Are you?

Manchester watch out! Capital XTRA’s Music Potential is taking over your Carnival on the 13th August!

That’s right, we have teamed up with Beat Bazaar to bring the top UK DJ’s into Manchester to make it the biggest festival yet!

Manchester Carnival

the Carribean Carnival of Manchester started in 1972 when a group of mostly St Kits & Nevis and Trinidadian Eastern Caribbean immigrants decided to throw a carnival through the streets of Manchester.

Less than a hundred people attended, But though it was small in scale the first ever Manchester Carnival was an important moment in the history of black Britons.

Manchester Carnival has brought Caribbean culture to the forefront annually for over 40 years and is the north west’s largest celebration of Caribbean music and carnival arts.

The carnival is a vibrant celebration of Caribbean music, dance, theatre and costume.

Our lineup includes:

Manchester Carnival

If you want more information on the festival, be sure to check out their website. We can’t wait to see you there!

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