Chad’s Music Potential Experience

Chad told us how Music Potential helped develop his songwriting and performance.

We’ve been working with young people across the UK to unleash their potential and develop their talent. We’ll be highlighting some of the successful journeys of our Music Potential Graduates. Here’s Chad’s Music Potential Experience…


Before MPX

Growing up, my childhood was overshadowed by violence and personal issues. I wasn’t the most confident person and music became my escape from reality. I practiced everyday to keep my focus as I was never really engaged in secondary school, I was only ever interested in Music and English, the things I wanted to make a career out of. My vocals in regards to rap were self taught and I always used to sing with family. I went to study music at Access to Music in Birmingham. I heard about Music Potential during my course and my teachers advised me to apply as it looked like a great opportunity so I attended the taster day and met Decipher who also encouraged me to get involved.

During MPX

I was part of the Songwriting and Performance group for MPX and I really enjoyed being with fellow musicians just learning about music. I learnt about stage presence and different ways to interact with crowds. I also learnt about songwriting and it helped me build my professionalism, interacting and learning from music industry professionals. I built up my confidence during music potential working alongside my peers and in the end, I was selected to perform at KOKO for Music Potential UNLEASHED, which was a highlight for me, performing in front of my friends and alongside artists such as Krept and Konan and Stormzy.

After MPX

Since MPX, I have been working on my music. I performed at the Global for the Big Music Project launch, which was fun. I also had the opportunity to be interviewed for SBTV as part of their Self Belief series about my journey and my experiences with domestic violence. I have just moved to London to start University and I will be studying music performance and recording at the University of West London.  In future, I would like to be in front of the world making changes on world stages, I feel ready but currently, I don’t think the music industry or the public are. I want to move music forward and help to make the world a better place and to put myself, my family and those struggling around me in a much better place within the next five years.