Champion Development Day : James & Joas’ Story

James Bessant & Joas Lzurieta showcase leadership and form a relationship at Champion Development Day.


At the very start of the Leeds Champion Development Day, a young participant by the name of Joas responded to a request to help out another Champion. Without hesitation he offered to loan his guitar to James, a young person he’d just met from another hub.

Joas went on to perform at the afternoon Open Mic. It was his first time on stage and he was naturally nervous. A clearly talented singer and player, he fought to overcome his stage fright and seize the opportunity.

Thanks to the positive atmosphere of the day and the inspirational nature of the Champions, he embraced the support offered by the whole audience. Joas plucked up the courage to start his song again and won the respect of the crowd. The host, who had welcomed him onto the stage and supported him throughout, was James, the very person he had helped out earlier that day. Truly a great example of peer support.