Corrine’s Music Potential Experience

Find out how Music Potential helped Corrine progress in her music production.

We’ve been working with young people across the UK to unleash their potential and develop their talent. We’ll be highlighting some of the successful journeys of our Music Potential Graduates. Here’s Corrine’s Music Potential Experience…


Before MP

Before the programme, I wasn’t in education or training. I’ve always had a passion for music growing up, I played the recorder and violin. I used to make beats but I was scared to show people. I heard about Music Potential from a friend, but I wasn’t planning to go due to my illness. I suffer from an illness called Fibromyalglia which leaves me in a negative state and a depressed mood. It is an illness that many people cannot relate to so sometimes I feel hurt knowing no one really understands but music is the way I relieve my frustration.

During MP

I didn’t know what to expect at Music Potential as I didn’t know anyone there. During the Music Production course, I learnt new skills such as how to sample my own music and how to arrange music correctly. My main highlight of Music Potential has to be winning the Anne-Marie remix competition and being presented with an award at KOKO. It was amazing, I didn’t expect to win because of my illness which gives me high anxiety, but the whole experience helped me to believe in myself.

After MP

Currently I’m working towards building my skills as a music producer, I want to learn how to mix and master music properly and continue working with new artists. I am also attending Gallery 37, which is a creative event held by Punch Records to build creative skills. It has driven my passion in videos and, in future, I want to look into producing music for film and TV.

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