5 Creative Jobs You Can Do Whilst Travelling The World 

Travelling and earning money may just be easier than you think. Check this out.

5 Creative Jobs You Can Do Whilst Travelling The World

A lot of creative people dream of travelling the world and exploring new places. The only problem is, they fear not earning money.

If that is you, don’t worry! There are loads of creative jobs available that allow you to explore the vast corners of the world whilst still getting paid. Here’s a list for you:

Social Media/Marketing:

If you live and breathe social media, you’re in luck! Working in this sector does not necessarily require you to be in an office. There are loads of organisations looking for marketers and social media experts. Freelancer.com is always looking for talented social media experts for their clients. Check it out.

Freelance Graphic Designer:

If you have a knack for graphic design, there are endless opportunities to work abroad. Graphic designers are in high-demand around the world due to the rise in start-up businesses. Places like Brazil and many parts of Asia are in desperate need of talented designers, and they are not necessarily looking for you to be based with them. This means you do not have to restrict yourself to one location like Shepard Fairey who has worked in the United States, South Africa and even France!

Freelance Web Developer:

There are plenty of freelance roles available for web developers. Like graphic designers, web developers are in high-demand to take on key roles including the design, management and maintenance of websites. If you’re looking to take web designing to the next level, read books, blogs and attend seminars featuring the best in the business like Rachel Andrew and Dan Cederholm.

Freelance Photographer:

The role of a photographer will require you to be on the go 24/7, travelling and networking with clients. This is probably one of only a few roles where travelling is often considered a requirement since many photographers are either self-employed or work for a number of different employers at the same time. Companies like Go-Pro will often pay photographers to travel around the world and use their camera to showcase your experiences, just ask Teo Colombo and Mr Ben Brown!

Freelance Blogger/Vlogger:

Bloggers create content that engages and grows their pool of audience. Travelling usually goes hand-in-hand with blogging as they tend to draw inspiration from their experiences (which is what travelling is all about!). More so, most bloggers choose to be affiliates for brands, meaning they promote products to their audience in order to earn money. An example of a successful vlogger who is living the dream is Louis Cole from FunForLouis. Check out his YouTube page and Instagram.

If your dream is to have a creative international career, your best starting point is to research the need for your role in other countries. Good luck and safe travelling!