Darrell Cram Releases Debut EP- Outside The Asylum

Music Potential hopeful Darrell Cram is releasing his new EP! Here’s our review…

Music Potential hopeful, Darrell Cram has released his new EP Outside the Asylum and Big Music was given the exclusive opportunity to listen to it. Here’s what we thought!

Darrell Cram

With its deep melodies and intellectual lyrics, Outside the Asylum fuses indie with a modern twist on pop.

The EP takes you through a journey of life and love that Darrell may have experienced personally. You can hear that his inspiration is taken from what’s around him; the train journey, the emotional complexities of relationships and the frustration of expectations.

Yes, his lyrics are deep… very deep! But he smartly intertwines it with an attractive beat and a laid-back voice.

Outside the Asylum is a cool and chill debut from the young singer, with intense and emotive lyrics that touch on the sensitive points in life and love. More excitingly though, it provides a taste of what’s to come for Darrell. He’s a young man blessed with songwriting talents and a chilled-out melodic voice. He certainly has a lot to offer the UK music scene!

Darrell Cram represents the exciting new singers emerging from the Scottish music scene. We expect to see big things from this starlet. Follow him closely!

Well done Darrell!

Big Music’s favourite track from the EP: Run

Darrell Cram

Feel inspired? Listen to Darrell on Sound Cloud and follow him on YouTube and Facebook. Also, our Music Potential hopeful Cameo has released his new single. Check out our review of that too!

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