A Day In The Life Of A Capital XTRA Senior Content Editor

We met up with Capital XTRA’s new senior content editor, Chris.

From the outset Capital XTRA looks like a well-oiled machine, releasing amazing tunes and great content to the public. We went behind the scenes to speak with the people that make it all happen. First stop is Chris Wosu, the new senior content editor.

Chris Wosu, senior content editor Capital XTRA

Hey Chris, congrats on becoming the new senior content editor! How long have you been in the position for?

Thanks! I’ve been in my role for only a month but I am really enjoying it so far. Especially the fact that for the first time in my career, I am managing someone. On a personal level, that is very exciting for me.

Before taking on this position, I was a content editor here for about 16 months.

That’s good! So, what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

So, I look after all the digital content for Capital XTRA. I am responsible for the social media, news stories and features. My role is quite broad so at times I interview celebrities and do other content related jobs.

Okay cool, who is the best celebrity you have interviewed so far?

That’s a good question! I really liked Craig David, he was cool. I also interviewed Bryson Tiller who is probably my favourite. He is just at the start of his career, so it was nice to catch him before he becomes huge. He was still very humble!

That sounds fun. So, how did you get into your position and into the world of media generally?

More than anything, it takes lots of passion for the brand. I really relate to Capital XTRA and love working here. When you are passionate about something, working hard doesn’t seem so difficult. I would come to work earlier than everybody else and leave later. People above recognised that I had good skills and saw my hard work.

In terms of getting into the media industry, growing up I had a huge passion for music journalism and loved learning about UK and US R&B and hip-hop artists.

I also worked hard to get a few internships while I was at Uni. I interned with brands like Kerrang, ShortList magazine, FHM and Bauer Radio. Internships are an important gateway into this otherwise very competitive industry.

Yes, they are! You have been in this industry for just two years and have been able to build quite a lot of experience! 

Yeah. You know, getting into a role like mine is really competitive and I knew that from my late teens. I balanced getting an education with doing internships whenever I had time. I also wrote my own blogs and kept busy.

Funny enough, I even used to email random editors to ask them for advice! I literally tried everything.

It sounds like you have had quite a busy schedule from very young! What did you study at University?

Haha, I guess I have. I studied English language at Uni, then I did my masters in Journalism.

Did you always dream of working here at Capital XTRA?

It all just happened to fall into place at the right time. I always wanted to do something that was involved with hip-hop and R&B music. I also knew I wanted to interview celebrities and all of that, so Capital XTRA definitely ticks all my boxes!

So, now you are finally here, what are the three most important skills needed to do your job?

  1. Organisation – we release quite a lot of content and need to stay on top of social media, so being very organised is essential.
  2. Drive – my weeks can be very stressful. If you have the drive, the stress is easier to manage.
  3. Be responsible – take ownership of the content and responsible as a manager.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I have been getting this question a lot lately! I have built quite a diverse range of skills over the past few years so I feel there are a few things I can do.

Starting my own business is one of the things on my mind. Need I go even further and say starting a record label? I would love to do that one day.

The opportunities are endless in this industry because things change so fast. I’ll keep my options open.

Have you got any top tips for those trying to break into the industry?

Do as many things as possible to build your experience. The industry is fiercely competitive so you need to really prove yourself.

Make sure you definitely check out internships! It is a very important route into media. More than anything, have a passion for whatever you do.

Another tip is to seek out advice. When I was younger, I used to email editors on LinkedIn and ask for advice or opportunities.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

This may sound a bit crazy, but my whole career has been a series of excitements. Next month, I am going to Croatia to be part of Hideout Festival, so I’m sure that will be a highlight. But I will give you the top three so far:

  1. Interviewing Bryson Tiller.
  2. Being part of the viral Rihanna video we created on Facebook. That video currently has 50 million views and we are sure Rihanna has seen it too! That was a massive social media win.
  3. Just being able to manage someone. Managing my staff is a big win personally. I spent so long in junior positions trying to make my way up, it’s great to now finally see myself in a bit more of a senior role.

Finally, what is one thing you know now that you wish you did when you first started out?

When I was starting off in this journalism thing, I always had the impression that to make a massive impact on social media (like the viral Rihanna video) you needed to represent a big brand. But really, you can do everything yourself.

What I am doing on Capital XTRA is great, but I could have created the content myself and it may have become just as successful. I feel all I needed was confidence. I wish I knew that when I first started off.

Wonderful. Thanks, Chris!

Thanks, TBMP!

Chris manages the lovely Cat at Capital XTRA, check out what a day in her life is like. Also, If you fancy breaking into the music scene, we have loads of internships and entry-level positions on our jobs board, be sure to check that out too!