A Day In the Life Of a Marketing Intern at Leefest

We caught up with James who is completing a 6 months marketing internship at Leefest. He discusses his day-to-day duties and how important internships are.

The Big Music Project has part-funded several music industry internships and we are aiming to inspire and create incredible opportunities for young people from across the country who want to get into the music business. We’re sitting down with each of our interns to find out how they’re getting on! Here’s James who works as an intern at Leefest.

Hey, James. Congrats on getting an internship at Leefest! How long have you been in your role for now?

Thanks, Big Music! I have been in my role now for almost 4 months.

So 4 months in, you must have a routine by now. What’s the first thing you do when you get into the office?

Try and complete the impossible task of finding a Spotify playlist that caters to the musical tastes of everybody in the office.

Haha! That is way too tricky. How about silence, does that work? Also, talk us through your day-to-day tasks.

Sadly it doesn’t! Day-to-day wise, I respond to all customer service queries that come in for both Leefest and Wildfire. I help to manage the social media accounts for the festivals, responding to comments and messages, as well as developing content. The internship also focuses heavily on partnerships. I help to research new partnerships between brands, businesses and artists and develop ways for us to work together to promote the festivals.

Cool, very useful marketing experience there. What’s your favourite thing you do each day?

Working with the rest of the team to develop and implement new marketing strategy and social media content is probably the best thing. The festival market is so competitive and sometimes it seems like everybody is doing the same thing. It really keeps you on your toes and makes you think of new ways to distinguish yourself. The team here really listen to my thoughts and ideas, which is really great!

That’s good, you need that in a work environment. Tell us about projects you’ve worked on and what you liked and didn’t like about them?

Although I’m a marketing intern, I’ve also had the opportunity to assist with the music booking for Wildfire. I’m enjoying working with the team to research and programme a lineup filled with lots of really interesting new music. It’s been great to learn about the technical process of putting together this side of a festival.

Yeah sure, that’s something the audience don’t really get to see. Must be a lot of hard work. What kind of challenges do you face day-to-day?

The main challenge working here is that no two days are ever the same! I’ve had to be flexible, working on multiple projects at the same time and learning new skills on the job!

Believe me, that’s a great thing! What have you learnt about the world of work?

I think you need to be flexible and adaptive. So many roles in the industry encompass a wide range of responsibilities. The more willing you are to learn new skills, the more likely you are to succeed!

Couldn’t have said it better James. What advice would you give to other people looking to apply for internships?

Be persistent. Paid internships can often be super competitive and you shouldn’t be too disheartened if you get rejections. I also think it’s really important to gain as much experience as you possibly can, even if you’re stamping wrists or handing out flyers. These kinds of jobs have allowed me to gain first-hand experience working in the industry, provided an opportunity to meet useful contacts and I’ve found that employers really respect the fact that I’ve worked my way up the ranks!

On that note, what do you want to do next?

I’m keen to keep working in music marketing or PR.

Woo! That’s what we want to hear. In an ideal world, where will you be in five years time? 

Still working in the music industry and enjoying what I’m doing!

Perfect, thanks for your time sir! We’ll leave you to keep climbing those ranks now.

Thanks, Big Music!

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