A Day in The Life of a Receptionist at Global

Ever wondered what it’s like working for a ‘Global’ media company? We had a chat with Global’s Kirsty Guiver about her role as the ‘face’ of the company…

Ever wondered what it’s like working for a ‘Global’ media company? We had a chat with Global’s Kirsty Guiver about her role as the face of the company, her future plans and advice on getting a job within this industry!

Thanks for joining us today Kirsty!

You’re very welcome!

Now as we both know, you work as a receptionist for Global HQ. What is your day to day role like?

Okay, so my day to day role includes meeting and greeting guests. You’d welcome them into Global, ask them if they want a tea or coffee and then either take them into a room or contact who they’re here to meet with. My job role also includes booking rooms for other guests as well as admin work.

How would you say that impacts Global’s reputation overall?

We are the face of Global. As people come in, we’re the first thing that they see. If we provide bad customer service, they’re going to always remember that experience. We always want to maintain that reputation that Global is the best!

Would you say this position is similar to roles you’ve held in the past or is this a new experience?

It’s a new experience for me. I do not have much reception experience at all.

Okay, that’s good! So why did you decide on working with Global?

Global have lots of things going on. They have the Global Academy, The Big Music Project and so many radio stations. I don’t really believe in working for a company only for a paycheque. I’d rather be working somewhere I can relate to and am passionate about.

Yep! We agree! So what do you think you did to stand out in the interview process?

Being passionate about music, but also having experience working in the head office of a private cosmetic surgery clinic where I was familiar with meeting and greeting celebrity guests.

In interview processes, I’d say the best thing to do is to laugh to ease the pressure, show good customer service, experience with people, passion for music and a sprinkling of humour!

Haha, that is great advice. So are these the four key things needed to be successful in your role?

Oh yes! 100%.

Ahh, interesting. What’s a personal highlight for you so far?

Okay well, I’m going to be designing a training programme for Globalers, making a note of the presenters and producers, the times and lengths of different shows, who to contact regarding external advertisement calls, as well as ensuring staff members within Global are familiar with one another. That’s really cool to me!

It seems like you have a lot of responsibilities! How do you balance it all?

I would say I’m generally an organised person and I love variety! I love to get involved in as many projects possible.

Would you say your love of ‘variety’ is something managers like?

Yeah! You should always have an interest in the job role you’re applying for, but also make it known that you want to progress within the company. Think about how you can improve that job role and what you can offer.

What advice would you give to people interested in your role, but lack some of the required skills?

No matter what job you’re in, you’ll always be working or interacting with people. I’d say my advice would be to develop your people skills and increase your confidence.

Definitely! What are your long-term career plans?

I’m looking to possibly get more involved in radio stations, people and culture, events and charities.

What key tips would you give those trying to break into the music industry?

I would say work experience and internships are key to entering this industry. It could really open doors for you but bear in mind that some of these are unpaid, so try and save as much as possible.

That’s great advice! Thanks, Kirsty!

You’re very welcome!

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