Designing the Future, 6th February @ Online

Explore the world of design with this online course.

Design can offer new and interesting ways to think about and work through complex issues and situations. That’s why large organisations are now calling on designers to help understand customer relations, and why many designers are now working in communities to find ways to solve local problems.

This course will give you an introduction to different design approaches, and how you can apply them in your day to day life, using expertise from world leaders in the field.

Explore the practice of design through four lenses:

Strategic design
Service design
Transdisciplinary design
Transition design
The course will also introduce practical techniques – such as sketchnoting, ideation and prototyping, and critique – that you can use to engage with problems, and the people affected by them. The course is suitable for both designers and non-designers. You don’t need previous experience in design to be able see how design is used to shape the world, but a strong interest in exploring design thinking will be useful.

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