Big Music Meets: Echoic

Big Music investigates the underground music scene and has a chat with electropop band, Echoic.

The music scene is buzzing with thousands of bands and artists from all different genres, but there is something very artistic about the underground music scene that we often don’t see or hear about – unless you’re in ‘the know’.

Diving deeper underground, we set out to find what cool bands are emerging right now. Long and behold, we found Echoic! Check this out:

Who’s Echoic?

Echoic are an emerging band that caught our attention in the alternative scene. Members Connor, Jack and Kera formed the band in 2013 and have gone on to make a huge impact.


After touring Europe and the US, they have really grasped the alternative world and show no signs of slowing down. Their newest track ‘Next To You’ features ambient guitar intros, strong yet subtle vocal decoration and a rocky feel in the choruses.

There is also some really cool drum sounds coming from the sample pad which adds an electronic vibe to the track. The lyrics are catchy, so you will definitely catch yourself singing along to the choruses!

With a hint of alternative pop, Echoic know what they’re doing when it comes to writing commercial songs.

If you are into Imagine Dragons and Nothing But Thieves, these guys will capture you just as much!

Big Music had the chance interview the band to discuss their work and to gather hints on how a band in the competitive alternative scene, can break out into the wider industry.


Hi guys, thanks for joining us! Tell me some more about Echoic. Where did you guys begin and what is your concept?

Connor: Thanks, guys. Jack and I began as a duo before Echoic formed, since then our concept has developed musically into electronic pop rock, and our concept lyrically is formed through my personal experiences within life.

Nice. Can you talk to me about your track ‘Next To You’? What was your inspiration for the track and video?

Connor: Next To You is about feeling or becoming somewhat obsessed with someone but worrying about their intentions. In the video, we wanted to create an atmosphere that translated both the energy and the message of the song. The dark silhouettes represent a struggle for clarity, whilst the driving the band shots give visual energy.


For an emerging band, getting the chance to play in the US must be amazing! How was your time out there?

Jack: It was incredible! Our time out there was frantic as we wanted to cram in as much sightseeing as possible and still put on an energetic live show. Overall it has been one of my favourite memories of being in this band so far and I know we’d love to go back one day! We’re so grateful to Music Glue and our fans who helped with our IndieGoGo too!

Talking about fans, how did you go about growing your fan base?

Jack: Playing as many shows wherever we could, and using social media to create some buzz to let people know we’re here! It’s a great feeling to see the shows getting busier each time.

We aren’t surprised, you create great music. What are your plans and goals for the future?

Jack: Ah Thanks! Our Sophomore EP, ‘Shadows of You’ is being released on September the 8th. We’ll be out touring across the UK in September, October and November, plus hitting Europe next year. Moving forward, we plan to carry on developing our sound and work towards the next release.

Thanks a lot, guys!

Thanks, Big Music

You can check out more music by Echoic here:

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