Fuse ODG Meets Our Music Potentials in Glasgow!

Music Potential ambassador Fuse ODG surprised our Potentials in Glasgow! Check out how it went down…

With only 4 weeks to go before Music Potential UNLEASHED, our ambassador Fuse ODG popped into Glasgow Music Studios to surprise our aspiring artists!

The lucky group, who passed through to the MPX stage, were given an exclusive audience with the star. Fuse gave out valuable advice on what to expect in the world of entertainment and explained the value of having a mission in life that is bigger than just a successful career.

MPX (or Music Potential Xperience) is created to help develop the skills needed and understanding of the music industry, whilst working towards a Bronze Level Arts Award.

After the MPX stage, successful Glasgow students will then be offered the opportunity to embark on further development as part of MP Networks. MP Networks will have a host of mentorships and work experience opportunities as well as progression sessions that the students can apply for to help build their professional network and industry experience.

Our Glasgow group were quick to show Fuse ODG some of their original songs and performances. Check these pics out:

Fuse ODG left us feeling motivated when he explained that his mission is to show the world how amazing Africa is and to re-shape the image of the continent. He explained how he even turned down a career-changing opportunity to work with Sir Bob Geldof because their visions were not in sync, highlighting the importance of staying true to yourself and not selling-out based on money or success.

Feeling inspired? Check out what Fuse ODG had to say when he surprised our Cardiff potentials a few weeks ago.

He is not the only star to make an appearance at Music Potential this year! Check out when Raye showed up in Manchester to meet our aspiring performers.

Big thanks to our friend John McEachran for the photos!

Music Potential is back! We are opening our doors to aspiring creatives from Birmingham, Belfast and London. If you want to gain experience and get your foot in the door, make sure you register today!