Fuse ODG Surprises Students at MPX in Cardiff!

Our MPX students were treated to a VIP guest visit. Fuse ODG stopped by to share some knowledge on how to become a successful entertainer. Check it out!

Music Potential is storming through in Cardiff! Bootcamp is complete and we now have a group of talented musicians, heated and ready for stage 2 – MPX.

 MPX (or Music Potential Xperience) is created to help develop the skills needed and understanding of the music industry, whilst working towards a Bronze Level Arts Award.

At this stage, the students will get the chance to work with a team of individuals who are just as passionate as they are about their chosen field and develop their employability skills. Only a select number of people who attended Bootcamp was offered a place on MPX.

Our lucky MPX students were treated to a VIP guest visit during their recording sessions. 3-time MOBO Award winner, Fuse ODG stopped by to share some knowledge on how to become a successful entertainer. The Music Potential ambassador spoke to each student and gave them individual advice on how to excel their careers. He even exchanged email addresses with a few!

Fuse ODG shared the importance of always being ready and focusing on your strengths by saying: “I got my first chart-topping hit with Wyclef Jean by meeting him in a hotel and immediately spitting bars for him. He liked me so much, he jumped on my single. That afternoon, I scheduled for a film crew to come to the hotel and we filmed the music video there and then. I didn’t want to wait for another special moment, I embraced the moment at hand. That single has gone on to be my most successful.” Of course, he was talking about ‘Antenna’.

Fuse ODG’s visit was hosted by our 2017 Music Potential youth ambassadors, the talented Dee Ajayi and Duplex.

During his visit, Fuse listened to the student’s original songs and gave his opinion on how it can become a hit. Using his extensive line of connections, he offered to connect the hopefuls with the right people.

Fuse was happy to talk to us about his new single ‘Window Seat’ where he highlighted the importance of staying true to your passion. “For me, it wasn’t just about becoming a successful musician, it was about the opportunity that my success can open for others. Be sure to always write down your goals because once they are written, they are bound to come true. Trust me”

After the MPX stage, successful students will then be offered the opportunity to embark on further development as part of MP Networks. MP Networks will have a host of mentorships and work experience opportunities as well as progression sessions that the students can apply for to help build their professional network and industry experience.

Fuse ODG left us feeling inspired when he highlighted that he once wrote down that he wanted his song played on Capital XTRA. It didn’t happen in a year, two years or three, but eventually, his song was played multiple times and he is now working in partnership with Capital XTRA to make other people’s dream come true.

Our other Music Potential ambassador, Raye paid a visit to our Manchester students. Be sure to check that out too!

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