How To: Become Head Of Marketing At Universal

Want to work on Ariana Grande’s next album campaign? Or maybe a surprise release strategy like Drake’s last mixtape? These are some of the responsibilities Head of Marketing at Island Records has to undertake.

Although overseeing a marketing team can be challenging, Olivia Nunn has shared some of her career highlights that make it all worth while, along with some top tips to get your foot in the door.

What does the Head of Marketing do?

“I am responsible for managing a team of four marketing managers and two assistants. Each marketing manager works on between 5-8 campaigns at a time. I have to be quite structured in terms of release schedule and when we release different albums at certain times of the year. Primarily, my job is to oversee all of these projects and make sure they are progressing correctly, effectively and successfully.”

What do you love about working in the music industry?

“The best thing about working in the music industry is seeing an artist campaign come to fruition and having that moment where you see a creative you’ve worked on either on TV or announced as number 1 on the radio. Actually seeing everything you’ve worked for, built strategy for and planned towards coming into full effect and then you are able to say ‘I was a part of that’.”

What are your career highlights?

“My career highlights to date are twofold. The first was working with Annie Lennox. We worked on her Christmas campaign a couple of years ago and I was the marketing manager on that project.

Secondly, in a similar vein with another heritage act that we’ve had a lot of success with, was working with Robbie Williams. We met him in LA to listen to his new record when he signed with us. To work with him on two number one albums over the past two years has been really proud moment in my career.”

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