How To: Prepare For A Job Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking! The best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is to make be prepared!

We asked Sophie, from People & Culture in Global, for her top tips on preparing for a job interview.


How should I prepare for my interview?

“Do your research! Research is very important. It shows your care and you’re passionate about the job.

Look the company up online, or anything else that might have information on the company, and see if there is any recent news.

It’s best to first look at the company and then the department that your job role would be in. Pick out key points, which relate to the job.

Take some notes on key points and dates on the company but don’t go over board on the history of a company.”

Should I make a list of questions that might come up in the interview?

“You should plan some answers to questions you think might come up and think of some examples for your answers. Read the job description carefully and plan your answers around that.

You should also make a list of anything you might want to ask. Remember, it’s not essential to ask a question and it’s better not to ask one than to ask one that isn’t relevant.”

How should I dress for the interview?

“Do your research on what sort of company they are, which should give you an idea of how to dress. If you are still unsure, it’s best to show you have made an effort. Generally speaking, the music industry is not as formal as most other industries, so dress smart but maybe not suits.”

What should I bring to my interview?

“Just bring yourself, notes and some water – unless you are asked to bring anything specific”

How can I combat my nerves before an interview?

“Have a good night’s sleep (don’t stay up all night writing notes), take some water with you and make sure you plan your journey to the interview in advance, so you don’t have any surprises.”

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