How To: Prepare For Your Job Hunt

Today we bring you some advice on making sure you are well prepped and ready to start your search!

It’s come to that time of year again. “New Year, New Me” status updates and New Years resolutions. If you are using this time to relaunch your job hunt, we’ve got some advice on making sure you are well prepped and ready to start your search!


Have a career plan

Making a plan is the easiest way to make sure you are on the right track towards your dream job. Putting in steps like the skills you need to learn or experience you need to build can help you narrow down your job hunt. Remember, that you can develop transferrable skills from other industries, not just the music industry!

Make sure your CV is up to date

Read through your CV. Make sure all details are up to date. If your CV hasn’t been working, it might be time rethink the layout. Give our article on making sure your CV is the best it can be a read!

Tailor your application

No job is the same and so no application for a job should be the same. Adding personal touches that shows your interest in a job or company could give you an advantage over your competitors.

Make sure your social media presence is on point

Social media can be a great way to network and build your professional network online. Searching social media platforms for job opportunities or reaching out to professionals can help you secure jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet. LinkedIn is a great social network to showcase your professional skills and find job opportunities. To make sure your social media presence is helping and not hindering your job search, check this out.

Be unique

Remember, potential employers are probably receiving hundreds of CVs. By making yours unique, you can stand out from the crowd, but also tailor this to the job you are applying for. For example, if it’s a design job, try create an interesting graphic for your CV, or if it’s something people or customer facing, a video CV could help you demonstrate your people skills.

Be prepared for No’s

In any job search, you should expect a lot of no’s but don’t let that get you down! Learn from each ‘no’! Try to identify why you didn’t make it to the next round. Turn every ‘no’ into a learning experience and they will eventually become ‘Yeses’

Now that you’re prepped and ready, head over to our ‘Job Search’ section and start your music career today!