How To: Set Up Your Own Music Business

The music industry can be tough to crack. You’ll hear a lot of No’s on the way to your dream job, which can be disheartening. A lot of people put all their efforts into getting a job in a major label, which is something Natasha Foster-Wilson from Baby People did too.

Natasha’s interviews with major labels didn’t quite work out and she didn’t fancy moving to London, so she decided to forge her own path in the music industry.

baby people

Thanks to technological and digital developments, setting up your own music business is a lot more affordable than it was before. Relatively cheap software can help turn your laptop into a recording studio and the reach of the web has made it possible to turn a bedroom in the countryside into an office.

Natasha worked with a local hip hop group in Nottingham, networked with music professionals at home and in London and ran her own music events and festivals. Natasha developed a network of contacts such as DJs, producers, artists and industry professionals which helped her set up her own business. Her new business venture took her to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and led to opportunities to work with Nike, the London Olympics 2012, Radio 1xtra and her current role at Baby People.

Here’s Natasha’s 5 Top Tips for making it in the industry

1. Be self motivated

Jobs can be hard to come by and you may need to be self-employed to create the job you want to do.

2. Make yourself indispensable

Volunteer, undertake work experience and internships, and be so good that companies ask you back

3. Network

Meet people and be seen to be keen, also connect with people who have the job you want and learn from them how they did it

4. Be determined

Work hard, be resourceful, persistent and don’t give up on your dream

5. Be passionate

When you’re broke or you can’t see any progress your passion will get you through!

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