Inside A Record Company


The UK plays host to hundreds of record labels including the three major record companies and a thriving community of hundreds of independent labels and music companies.

The three major record companies are Universal MusicSony Music and Warner Music.  And each of these organisations is home to smaller labels which often group together musicians of a specific genre which can be served by the label’s expertise.

Regardless of the size of the record company, there are various roles that need to be fulfilled in order to discover talent, make a record, market and distribute a single or an album, and finally, deliver that content to music fans.  Behind the end product is a whole range of people who work with an artist to ensure that their creative vision is brought to life.

Whilst a Chief Executive will be the person in charge of the entire company – and a President may be appointed to look after the affairs of a specific label – the success of an artist will need the support of those within the sales, publicity, promotions, marketing, legal, business affairs, and A&R departments.  And, of course, every company requires financial and IT experts and secretarial staff.