TBMP meets Jahméne Douglas

We had a chat with Jahméne about going from X Factor, his debut album with a major and his upcoming album with Moonshine Music!

Jahméne has gone from TV Talent Show to major label to indie. With so much experience in different aspects of the industry, we had a chat with him about his past, present and his upcoming album.


You started your career after your success on The X Factor. How has the show helped you

“The show helps start you off in the music industry like a crash course.”

Having gone through it, would you recommend to someone today to go down the TV talent show route?

“I would recommend it to all pop singers but not soul or gospel singers.”

In 2014, you signed with Indie label Moonshot Music, after a previous deal with Syco. How does working with an Indie Label differ from working with a major?

“I have had a lot more control this time around and this album feels more like my debut album , showcasing not just my singing but my songwriting too.”

Your new album is taking a slightly different route than your previous one, what inspired the change?

“Having free creative reign and being able to travel the world and work with dream collaborators like Diane Warren, Stanley Brown and Andrea Martin. I didn’t get a chance to write on the first album so that really cut off the creativity that I love injecting into things. I wouldn’t say there’s been a big change, it’s more about the fact that I finally have the opportunity to give everybody the real Jahméne with songs that I have written.”

How much input did you have on what went on your album?

“I have had 100% input in every aspect of this album. It’s been glorious!”

What’s your top tip for success?

“Stay humble, don’t take things too personally and keep love at the centre for yourself and those around you at all times. Of course … Always Work hard too.”

If you weren’t a singer, what job do you think you’d be doing?

“Well, I was studying Law and Psychology among other things, so probably something to do with helping people down those avenues.”

What’s been your career highlight to date?

“There have been so many incredible moments along the way. As a child, I used to always read through all the names in the CD sleeves; producers, musicians, songwriters, etc … Diane Warrens name always popped up on a lot of the epic tracks and I aways dreamt of working with her.

I tweeted her one day, expecting no response from such a legend, she shot back saying to come over! I was so overwhelmed. So I flew out and met her and we worked together. She exceeded all expectations of course … such a beautiful spirit with so much energy! An actual dream come true!

Another highlight was singing in front of Samuel L Jackson when he invited me down to his charity event and at the corner of the stage, I saw him recording on his phone… no pressure! He’s been a great friend since… another great spirit! I am awaiting the highlight I’m dreaming of which is releasing this album!”

Listen to ‘Is This The Time?’ below: