James’ Music Potential Experience

Find out how Music Potential helped James grow his confidence and land a placement at Capital XTRA!

We’ve been working with young people across the UK to unleash their potential and develop their talent. We’ll be highlighting some of the successful journeys of our Music Potential Graduates. Here’s James’ Music Potential Experience…


Before MP

Before the programme I was unemployed. I had a passion for music – growing up in East London music was instilled in me. When I was 18, I started blogging a bit but it wasn’t until I was 23, I wanted to take it seriously. Music Potential looked like the opportunity to help me do this!

During MP

I was nervous going to Bootcamp. I didn’t know anyone or what to expect and felt like I needed to work hard and I did. This led to MPX where I got to talk to a lot of industry professionals and learn about the industry. My highlight of the programme was definitely, MP Networks, where I got some work experience with Capital XTRA. It was great to see the article I wrote going live on the Capital XTRA website.

After MP

Music Potential has given me the opportunity to learn valuable technical skills from the production team, enhanced my editorial knowledge and allowed me to network with industry professionals and gain more confidence to keep working hard until I achieve my goals. You need to have confidence in the industry to break past that barrier!