Jane’s Big Music Project – OPEN Summer Showcase

Over the next few months, we’ll be telling you some of the amazing stories from our hubs up and down the UK and Ireland. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved and of all the hard work done by our hub workers and awesome champions. First up, Jane’s story…


Jane’s Background

Jane suffers from anxiety and was suffering from borderline depression. Her confidence was low and she didn’t like speaking in front of large groups. She comes from a single parent household and has a younger brother with autism who she often looks after while her mum’s out. She has an underactive thyroid meaning she often has to go to the hospital for check up’s and is on medication.

Jane’s Big Music Project

For her Big Music Project, Jane performed a main part in the Summer Showcase! She played the part of Sandy in the song ‘Summer Nights’ and also performed in a contemporary dance, a street dance and a drama piece!

This took many months of rehearsal and a lot of commitment. It improved her confidence and after the performance she was really proud of her achievements!

Jane overcame her fear of public speaking too, when she told her story to the audience of over 300, which resulted in many tears from audience members, including her family and friends.

Jane didn’t just learn how to perform, she also helped to plan the showcase and learned loads of valuable skills. She wrote a running order, designed backdrops and helped with the sound and lighting.

Although she struggles with travelling as she worries a lot about her health issues, Jane went on a trip to London for the Big Music Project Live, helping her to overcome her anxiety towards travelling. And it’s not just skills and confidence Jane’s gained…she’s made many new friends since taking part in the project!

What’s next?

Jane has grown in so many ways since being involved in The Big Music Project. Her self esteem has improved and she has been empowered to overcome many barriers. Her leadership skills have also improved and she now volunteers her time to help teach dance to young children.

Her anxiety levels are now much lower and she is no longer on the borderline of depression, which is great!

In September she young person started a diploma in Dance at the local college which she is really enjoying. She wrote a card to her hub leader saying ‘thank you for giving me the confidence to audition for dance college’. Jane enjoyed her time at OPEN so much, that her younger sister and brother are now getting involved with the activities on offer.