Jay London Diaries: November Issue

Jay London is back again for his November episode of Jay London Diaries. Listen up for one of Jay’s key tips on breaking into the scene.

Jay London Diaries: November Issue

Capital XTRA DJ, Jay London not only has a residential on one of the biggest radio stations in the UK, he is also the CEO if his own fashion website THRDS.

During the second episode of Jay London Diaries, Jay is invited to share his story with a group of young aspiring presenters. His journey takes him to a place he knows all too well; Global Radio, the home of Capital XTRA where his journey all began.

Watch closely for hints and tips on work ethic, hard work, and one of Jay’s key tips on breaking into the industry…

Missed the last episode? Watch the full episode here.

Jay London and his team are on the lookout for a homegrown Christmas No.1! He wants you to share your single with him for the chance of it being chosen as No.1 by the public. Did we mention that the winner will be given the chance to perform at Capital XTRA’s Music Potential UNLEASHED!?

Big news for aspiring creatives based in London, Birmingham and Belfast! Capital XTRA’s Music Potential is now registering new applicants! If you dream of breaking into the industry, Music Potential will provide you with the training and skills you need. More info this way!