5 Top Job Opportunities for Creatives Outside London

Our Rising Star in Journalism, James Fenney reports on the 5 top jobs for creatives who live outside London.

5 Top Job Opportunities for Creatives Outside London

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Anyone who lives outside London but is looking to pursue a role within the music industry is likely to encounter the exact same bump; It always seems like 99% of the roles on offer is within London!

Have no doubt, there are always opportunities if you care to look a little closer! Even if your local opportunities aren’t as glamorous as those in London, they can still lead to bigger and better things.

Here are 5 opportunities for creatives outside London:

Local Paper

Everywhere has a local paper which provides not only news but a sense of community. Someone eager to write about the area’s culture and music scene on will be a valuable asset to any publication.

Local Radio

Though first getting your foot in the door might involve unpaid roles running errands, life at a radio station can go from 0-100 when you least expect it. You could soon work your way up to having your own show and before you know it you’re a top presenter for your local station!


Even the smallest bands and venues need someone to get the word out! Whether it’s creating posters and leaflets, or writing press releases, it can be a great way to put your skills to use to give something back to your local music scene.

Independent Labels

Check in with some of your local bands and see if any are signed to a nearby small label that could use an extra pair of hands. Being local will make you an asset to the label because you will be more familiar with local talent.

Sound Engineer

Sure, there may be a bit of training required, but wherever there is live music, there will always be a need for good sound engineers. Have a look at your local music venues for ideas.


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