Josh’s Music Potential Experience

Josh spoke to us about his Music Video Production experience with MPX and how it has helped him secure freelance work!

We’ve been working with young people across the UK to unleash their potential and develop their talent. We’ll be highlighting some of the successful journeys of our Music Potential Graduates. Here’s Josh’s Music Potential Experience…

Josh-MPBefore MPX

I’ve always had a passion for music. Before Music Potential, I took part in a media course for 2 years, which helped me learn more about film and production. After that, I was introduced to Music Potential by a friend and I attended the Bootcamp and realised it was something I was definitely interested in.

During MPX

We were responsible for creating the music videos during Music Potential, which was great. One of the highlights was being asked by Raileigh Ritchie to produce a music video for his project. I was able to film, edit and colour grade the video which was the main highlight for me.

After MPX

I have been freelancing on music videos and working on my craft, I have recently worked on a promotional video for Music Potential. I would say Music Potential is a brilliant experience and I feel you can learn the essentials of what you need to succeed in the industry. Don’t hesitate, just do it!

Watch the video that Josh worked on for Raleigh Ritchie below