Music Industry Networking Tips You Have to Know!

We sent Monifa Bobb- Simon out to gather all we need to know about networking in the music industry. Here’s what she found out: 

It is networking season! The sun’s out and all across the UK there are music networking events and gigs bringing artists together.

We sent our very own Rising Star, Monifa Bobb- Simon out to gather all we need to know about networking in the music industry to make sure we get the best out of every event. Here’s what she found out:

Music Networking

Monifa Bobb-Simon

Networking Tips You Have to Know!

Calling all music start outs! It’s time to make your network your ‘net worth’. Whether you’re an artist, band or even have your very own record label, here are 7 tips to get yourself industry ready:

1. First things first, attend as many music related events as possible.

Strictly Go Networking is a great event to attend! But also be on the look out for up and coming artists playing in your local towns and cities. That’s a great way to meet new people, make friends and expand your contact list!

2. Come prepared. Never miss a chance to sell yourself.

Why not make a business card? When you’re pitching your stuff to a potential employer, it adds in that bit of professionalism. Always have your info to hand, you’re next opportunity could be around the corner.

3. Make introductions beforehand.

If your going to an event and find someone is attending that you are sure to want to meet, drop them an email! It never hurts to say hello and that you look forward to meeting them.

4. Give before you receive.

It’s important to show you’re not always on the look out for what you can get in return. Demonstrate how you can help them instead. It shows your good character and will always lead to recommendations in the long run.

5. Build a society using social media.

Start a community and find like-minded people to connect with. Use this to your advantage; it can be a great promotional tool. The more interaction your work generates, the more you’ll get noticed. Win, Win!

6.  Make a good first impression.

Sometimes in the music industry, it can feel like everyone knows everyone one way or another so always make a good first impression. By giving off the vibe that you’re not easy to work with is sure to close some doors.

7. Finally, don’t be afraid to take risks.

Now, this one sounds scarier than it is but to your network, it shows you’re ready to put your neck out there. Don’t let a once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by!

Hopefully, these tips have taught you all there is to know. So, now that you’re all clued up, what are you waiting for? Happy networking!

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