How to Navigate The Big Music Project Website

Looking for some help to get around The Big Music Project site?

The Big Music Project is breaking barriers to the creative industries by offering you the tools, experience and skills you need to achieve your dream job.

To help you get most out of everything we have to offer and to navigate our site, here’s a handy guide of all the exciting areas of our site.


Here, you can learn everything you need to know about The Big Music Project like what we do, who our partners are and how to get involved.


Find out the latest news and updates straight from The Big Music Project HQ.

Careers Advice

We’re shining the light on the job roles you didn’t know exist, teaching you the skills you need to succeed and breaking barriers to the music & creative industries!

  • Dream Jobs Find out about the exciting roles within the music and creative industries from the people working in them!
  • Industry Insights Learn more about the music and creative industries and how they work!
  • Job Skills Learn the skills you need to land your dream job! From CV advice to interview skills to general work ettiquette, this will help make sure you are comfortable and confident in your job hunt and future workplace!
  • Top Tips We ask industry experts for their top tips and advice on making it!

Job Search

Here, you’ll find some of the best entry-level job opportunities in the music & creative industries to help you kick-start your career! Some of these roles have been created and funded by The Big Music Project and the others are opportunities we think you can’t afford to miss!


We’ve hand picked some of the best opportunities to help you progress in your career! From networking events and careers roadshows to online masterclasses to amazing exposure opportunities for your work, you’ll find it all here! This is divided into four categories:

  • Exposure Opportunities for chances to showcase your talents whether that’s a performance slot, a chance to get a written piece of yours online, a platform to present one of your artwork designs, etc.
  • Live Events from across the UK that you can’t miss like skills workshops, careers road shows, networking events, etc.
  • Music Hub Events are events that are organised or hosted by one of our Music Hubs that you can come along to, to see their amazing work.
  • Online Events you can access anywhere like streamed Master Classes, online courses or Twitter Q&As, etc.


Find out how The Big Music Project is helping young people across the UK to achieve their dreams and kick start their careers! This area focuses on three of our strands:

  • Internships We help fund and create lots of internships across the UK! Find out how our Big Music Interns are getting on in the working world!
  • Music Hubs & Champions We have 110 Music Hubs across the UK! Want to see how The Big Music Project has helped them and what they’ve been up to? Look no further!
  • Music Potential Capital XTRA’s Music Potential inspires young people, aged 18 – 25, to start their career in music. Find out how here!

Now that you know what we’re all about, get stuck in and kick-start your career!