Big Music Meets: Duplex

Rising stars Duplex discuss how Capital XTRA’s Music Potential has helped steer their career.

Big Music Meets: Duplex

Live performances at the O2 Academy, Wychwood Festival, Godiva Festival, Notting Hill Carnival (believe me…the list goes on!); a fully booked schedule with gigs across the country and music video recordings in New York, supporting artists such as Sigma, Tim Westwood and Fuse ODG. Who is this duo rising through the UK music scene? The Big Music Project meets Duplex to find out!

DuplexColumb and Jaz, two lads from Coventry arrived at Global HQ and immediately you felt their confidence! Walking through the home of Capital FM and Capital XTRA, they tell Big Music about their year’s goal. “Our aim, it to get into the UK top 40 this year- absolutely!” That’s an ambitious goal! But for these two boys, it won’t be the first time that their music has reached success.

In early 2015, Duplex signed their first single All through the night to Fidget Music. It reached no. 9 in the Music Week Upfront Club Chart and no. 11 in the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart. It also led to remixes by Paul Morrell and Dancing Divaz, then radio play across the country. What is more astonishing is that these boys reached this level of success all by themselves.

“People do not know how hard we work in the background, we are constantly networking and building connections, not just with established artists but also with like-minded people who are also fighting to make it!”

That is the reason why Columb decided to join Capital XTRA’s Music Potential in 2016. “It was absolutely awesome – it was a great place for me to meet DJs and other creative people who are pushing as hard as we are to make it. We left Music Potential with pages full of email addresses and phone numbers and we are still in touch with everyone today. It has become a little bit of a Music Potential group.”

In fact, the cover of Duplex’s next single, due out in June, was designed by Oceana Campbell, a Music Potential alumni Columb kept in touch with. “We are notorious for networking, we try and keep in touch with as many people as possible because we can help each other out in reaching our dreams”.

So notorious are their networking skills that Duplex reveal their schedule for the rest of the day – they will head to meet a top London PR manager straight after our meeting, they will attend a high-level music networking event with stars such as Wideboys also in attendance. In a few days, they will have a business meeting with Prince’s trust – all the connections made by themselves.

Their business skills wow Big Music that little more when Duplex reveal that they have just returned from New York where they met with VP records – home to some of the world’s leading reggae stars such as Sean Paul, Beanie man and more. “Yeah, the meeting was good! We signed a distribution deal under the conditions of the performance of our next few singles and even a feature with one of the worlds biggest reggae stars” (I can’t reveal the name but trust me, it’s HUGE!).

They have also signed a publishing deal with Notting Hill publishing and 23rd Precinct Music and have music currently being considered by high profile artists.  “I just think that a long lasting career in music is what everyone wants from CapitalXTRA’s Music Potential and the publishing deal we got in January is just that!”

While in New York, the boys casually decided to commission a team to record the video for their upcoming single. “They are currently in filming right now in New York and it’s looking good”

So what should we expect from these rising stars? Their answer is simple: “All good vibes, that’s what we are going for, our music aims to push the boundaries with that Major Lazar sound but influence from UK House and US Trap. Our sights are set to mainstream standard”
As they speak about their music, you can see the passion in Jaz’ eyes! He enjoys speaking about his vision of where music is going and is very knowledgeable on what’s radio worthy. “We love the songwriting and producing that people like Chainsmokers come out with – it’s so unique because it’s got grit, but you can play it on the radio”

The future looks bright for these two lads. They left London to move back with their parents in Coventry and have single-handedly come back fighting for their dreams. Success seems around the corner for Duplex, not because of luck or talent (alone!) but because of their drive, passion and determination to showcase their work to the world.

This is the beginning of an amazing story for Duplex. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram