Raye Visits Music Potential’s MPX in Manchester

Raye stopped by to visit the students at MPX in Manchester. Here’s what happened…

Music Potential is well underway in Manchester! With Bootcamp done and dusted, the Music Potential’s are now at stage 2, MPX.

The lucky MPX group got a surprise when Raye stopped by before their session. The Music Potential ambassador stayed to answer questions and speak to them individually.

Raye shared the importance of working hard and facing rejection in the industry by saying “Don’t you ever give up! Remember that talent always outweighs everything. Wouldn’t you rather work five years and have one big success in the job that you love than work forever in a job you hate?”

MPX (or Music Potential Xperience) is created to help develop the skills needed and understanding of the music industry, whilst working towards a Bronze Level Arts Award.

At this stage, the students will get the chance to work with a team of individuals who are just as passionate as they are about their chosen field and develop their employability skills. Only a select number of people who have attended Bootcamp have been offered a place on MPX.

Raye’s visit was hosted by our 2017 Music Potential ambassadors, the talented Dee Ajayi and Duplex. They asked her what her golden rule is that she thinks should always be followed if you want a career in music, “Networking is key! Make sure you take everyone’s email address and work together. Most of the time, you find connections into the music scene through other connections”

The pop star has a new single out now called The Line which she was happy to talk about. On that topic, she highlighted the importance of staying in control of your art. “I think it’s so important to stay in control of your work. Don’t sacrifice creative control for money or fame. That’s your name on the track. No matter what they are offering, ensure you have the right to approve everything before it is released.”


After the MPX stage, successful students will then be offered the opportunity to embark on further development as part of MP Networks. MP Networks will have a host of mentorships and work experience opportunities as well as progression sessions that the students can apply for to help build their professional network and industry experience.

Raye left us feeling inspired and motivated when she highlighted that just a few years ago, she was saving money to go to Capital’s Summertime Ball but this year, she is performing at it!

Big thanks to the talented Bounty Vegah for the amazing photographs!

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