Rising Star: The Importance of Music

This week we heard from Rising Star journalist, Olivia Gibson on why music is so important to her.

Music is everything to me. It’s my escape root when I’m not ready to deal with stress, heartbreak, and hate of the world. It creates a place I can run away to and clear my mind. A place where it doesn’t matter what colour, religion, or nationality you are; where it doesn’t matter what you look, sound or act like.

Music gives us the power of freedom to be who we truly want to be, not what others wish us to be. We have the chance to fully express ourselves, in both our happiest and darkest times. We all have times when we don’t know what to do, question ourselves and lose hope. For me, music is the light I see when everything around me is looking dark. And when the world is in black and white, music is the colour I use to paint the world how I want to see it. Music is the friend I can always rely on. It helps me enjoy the beauty of every day, and is the voice in my head telling me, ‘you know what? You can do this!’ when I need it most.

Olivia at a Rolling Stones gig

Music has a funny way of acting really. You can listen to songs and feel like they are written just for you. You can listen to the same song, and interpret and connect to it completely differently – depending on how you’re feeling at that time.

Music connects us to each over and that’s a beautiful thing. I can’t tell you how many friends I have made through music. When I go to concerts or events, everyone around me has something in common and we can bond over music. Some of my favourite memories have been created by music. Those moments when you’re belting out your favourite song with your friends in your bedroom, not caring how crazy you look. There have been so many times, too many times where I’ve felt self-conscious out dancing, when I’ve felt that everyone’s watching me and I’ve done that dance, you know… the awkward swaying one? Yep, that one! Then suddenly, THAT song comes on and you just stop caring.

For me and so many others, music is a bridge between my life and my imagination. It sparks hope and inspires me to go out there and give it my all. I can be a singer, be creative, aware of others, a thinker and listener.

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